Arum Lillie’s

Osteospermum (African daisies)


A Few Roses

What to do if you run out of film

Cabbages are beautiful too

I grew them, photographed them, cooked them and ate them!

For me the connection between the Sun, Earth and Human body is evident in these images.

Julieta Ansalas, Libretto of Ballet



The idea begins with a large sequence of linear drawings in 1997. In 2017 I return to this idea and development through a photographic series that brings together the basic movements of the ballet (jumping, stretching, folding, elevating, turning, sliding, throwing or precipitating) interpreted by dry leaves and pieces of shrubs and trees found on the ground, and that appeal to our capacity to identify with them. Each of the pieces chosen contains the expression of movement, and the shape of the leaves, colour and state ¨ they have a costume¨ of theatrical character that contributes to the narrative plasticity and poetic expressiveness of the same.

more photos via Julieta Ansalas, Libretto of Ballet – The Eye of Photography