wp2000f curious child
Who is not a Curious Child? -1977

Perhaps it is true of most artists that the connection between soul and the physical world is what motivates us to create our works, we try to explore and express our understanding and develop wisdom.  Why do we do this?  Simply because most humans do not really know who they are. We find also that wisdom, understanding and appreciation are very beautiful aspects of higher consciousness.

Who remembers to examine their world closely and realise, I am that? The photograph above is not a photograph of me or of you. Or is it? Who is not a curious  child?  If you see yourself in this photograph then time, space and form are transcended and the realm of the soul is entered. 

“It is the world of your own soul that you seek.  Only within yourself exists that other reality for which you long.” – Hermann Hesse

Quantum physics has proven that when a human consciousness looks at something, the something changes. Art and seeing is a two way process of simultaneous projection and perception,  hence all is connected as any quantum physicist will assert.  

A camera can be used as a cognitive filter combining different elements of dream and physical reality making interesting new ways of seeing and developing visual language.  The monocular view through a lens instantly gives a different way of seeing than our usual binocular sight. I  favour monochrome and the perspective shift of a wide angle lens but set myself no limits, colour and long lenses are not excluded.  For myself and all photographers, light is all important; it reveals form, which itself is light bundled up into density. How much of what we don’t see is as significant as what we do see? How are they connected? Can shadows suggest the unseen?

With our eyes we see only the surfaces, with our soul we see the essence.

 Visual stimulation of contemplation and appreciation of beauty are good for the soul. For me, humanities complexities are an endless source of inspiration.  Who we really are is so much more than we imagine. It is always my hope that the images I create will help their viewers to remember who they really are.

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